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lonsaramaladyThrough our partners we provide personal loans, personal bank loans, home loans, business loans, student loans and bank loans for business and individuals. Loans Arama is your best bet.

Our efforts are to help those individuals and businesses who have been blacklisted to to get funding from reputable companies. And so, we apply on their behalf.

We  Apply for loans on your behalf,  in order for us to do so we request you or your to provide us with the required information.

Loans Arama Application Approved

Loans Arama Application Approved. 96% Approval

Be it a home loan, personal loan, bank loan, payday instant loan or a debt consolidation loan we are here to help.

Provide us with your details and we will contact you shortly.


Keep in mind that even if you are blacklisted we are still able to assist you.

Loans Arama is a registered credit provider. Try us now and we will help you.

Loans Arama – Helping  you get financed!

Our main aim is to ensure that our clients find the help they need through our organisation. As a client you could be in a serious problem that could be a matter of life and death. You try to find help from friends and no one is able to even if they wanted simply because the kind of money required to sort out the problem you have is a large one. You could try to get finance as a personal loan from the banks or finance houses and companies around only to find out that they require you to fill in an application form whose requirements are not readily available.

Such situations could be stressful, that where we come in as Loans Arama. When all hope has faded and there is no one to proved you with money or a loan. We are there to apply on your behalf and get your loan approved in no time. It does not require days but hours. We take the risk on your behalf.

Do not hesitate to apply now and have your situation sorted by Loans Arama.

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Loans Arama
75 West Road North Rd, Morningside, Sandton
Gauteng 2057
South Africa (ZA)
Telephone: 011 051 5537

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