Earn-a-car Vehicle Finance for the Blacklisted

Earn-a-car Vehicle Finance for the Blacklisted

Earn-a-car Vehicle Finance for the Blacklisted

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Even if you are Blacklisted Earn-a-car has super deals that can get you driving an an hour. Pay R15,000 down payment, provide proof of income, drive away and own it in at most 6 years.

Earn-a-car has unbelievable deals on a range of pre-owned cars. Even better, we offer Instant Credit Approval and 1 hour drive away.


If you have proof of income, can make a minimum down payment of R15,000 and meet our simple requirements, you can own the car of your choice in as little as 4 – 6 years.

Earn a car

Do you want to drive your own car even if you are ITC Blacklisted? Earn-a-car has super deals that can get you driving an an hour.

All our deals offer great value for money

With Earn-a-car, your monthly payment includes a number of value added services. From accident cover to a warrantee plan and breakdown support, you have complete peace of mind when hitting the road.

  • A minimum of R300 cash back to earn your car or spoil yourself
  • Accident management and support
  • A minimum of R250 towards servicing costs
  • A courtesy car in the event of an accident (where this option is selected)
  • Comprehensive vehicle warranty over the entire rental period
  • Vehicle breakdown assistance
  • Towing subsidy of R500 with a nationally contracted tow company
  • Matrix vehicle tracking and immobilisation
  • We provide comprehensive accident cover for any genuine accident you report

How To Earn your car in as little as 4 – 6 years

Here’s how:

  1. Select the car of your choice from our wide range of great deals
  2. For every monthly payment you make, you earn R300 cash back, which you can use at the end of your contract to buy the car of your choice or spend the cash as you wish.
  3. We credit your upfront fee against the purchase of the car from us.
  4. We guarantee that the upfront payments along with your cash back, when used together, will enable you to take ownership of the car you chose in as little as three and a half years (the term and pricing is laid out in your contract with us).


Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions, which are sure to put your mind at ease.
▶ How do I earn my car?
For every successful payment you make, you’ll receive at least R300 cash back to use at the end of your contract term. You can use it to buy your vehicle, as a down payment on another vehicle or simply cash it in and spoil yourself.

▶ Is the administration fee refundable?
The administration fee is not refundable, however, it may be used towards buying your vehicle from Earn-a-car at the end of your contract period.

▶ How long does it take before I own my own car?
You can own your car as quickly as you like. Our shortest finance period is four years, but depending on your financial situation you can take ownership of your car sooner. It all depends on what you can afford. You can choose a cheaper, more affordable option, where the finance period is six years, or you can put down a larger down payment on your car to reduce your repayment period.

▶ Can I buy my car earlier than the agreed on finance period?
Yes. If you would like to buy your car earlier than initially agreed on, a purchase price will be calculated for you with your cash back reward built into the price.

▶ Can I cancel my agreement with Earn-a-car?
Yes. We don’t tie you in. Because our deals are flexible, you can own your car in your own time or cancel your agreement by giving a calendar month’s notice. If you choose to cancel your agreement, you will lose your initial down payment.

▶ Is the vehicle roadworthy?
Yes. We never compromise on safety, which is why all our vehicles are roadworthy and rented in the best possible condition. For your own protection as well as ours, we’ll provide you with proof of your vehicle’s original condition upfront in your contract.

▶ What is covered in the comprehensive warrant?
Our comprehensive warrant is subject to your contract with Earn-a-car. It requires your account to be up to date, the vehicle to be properly maintained and serviced regularly. In order for your warranty to be effective, we require you to disclose any issue regarding the vehicle within 30 days of the issue taking place.

▶ Who is responsible for servicing the car?
In order to ensure the manufacturer and Earn-a-car’s warranties are not breached, you need to service your vehicle at least once every 10 000km, or as required by the manufacturer. Although service costs are for your own account, you can use your Service Support savings towards servicing your vehicle. Keep in mind that normal wear and tear, servicing and maintenance items such as tyres, brakes etc. are not covered by a warranty claim

▶ What is Service Support?
In order to help you save for a rainy day and manage any unexpected costs, a minimum of R250 is set aside each month for you to use towards servicing your vehicle. If you want to put away a little extra, you can increase your Service Support savings by, say, R100 extra each month or whatever makes it work for you.

▶ What must I do in the event of an accident, theft, fire or loss?
In the event of an accident, Earn-a-car’s accident management and support will guide you every step of the way. In order to ensure your accident indemnity and warranty is valid, make sure your account is up to date and in good standing. Report the incident immediately to the Earn-a-car 24 hour emergency response centre on 079 128 7818. The number is on your vehicle’s licence disc so you do not have to worry about remembering it. Depending on the nature and severity of the accident, Earn-a-car will send an ambulance, notify your family of the accident, arrange for the car to be towed and/or have the car repaired.

In the event of theft, report the theft to your nearest police station. Failure to do so will result in the insurance claim not being paid out.

▶ How does the accident management and emergencies work?
In the event of an accident, you can contact us on our 24 hour emergency response number, 079 128 7818. In association with Matrix, your monthly payments include vehicle tracking, immobilization and emergency response management.

▶ If I have an accident, are there any excess fees?
In the event of an accident, you will be required to pay an excess fee and your monthly payments may also be affected.

The excess you will need to pay:
First accident: your excess will be R2 500 or 5% of the damage, whichever is the higher amount.
Second accident: your excess will be R5 000 or 10% of the damage, whichever is higher, and your monthly payments will increase.

Vehicle write-off: your earn-a-car loyalty scheme rental contract period will be extended by 12 months, and your monthly payments will increase.

▶ If I have an accident, will Earn-a-car give me a loan vehicle?
In the event of an accident, Earn-a-car will provide you with a loan vehicle while your vehicle is in for repairs. In order to ensure you are not left without transportation, you will need to select this option when signing your contract.

▶ How do I ensure I stay in good standing with Earn-a-car?
Service and maintain your car regularly with an RMI accredited workshop. Make sure your personal information is up to date and let us know if anything changes as soon as possible. Drive safely, obeying the rules of the road at all time. And always pay your monthly payments on time.

▶ How are monthly payments processed?
All payments are made through a debit order that is set up when you sign up for one of our deals. Payments are made on a monthly basis, in advance. If you’ve bought your vehicle in the middle of the month, we will work out the best pro rata rate for you. Therefore, your first full payment will only be on the 1st of the upcoming month. Keep in mind that if your vehicle is in for repairs, servicing or maintenance work, you still need to make your monthly payments in order to ensure your account is in good standing.

▶ Can I “trade down” if I can’t afford my monthly payments anymore?
Yes. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you can trade down to a vehicle that is more within your price range for a small fee.

▶ What happens if I can’t make my monthly payment?
If you can’t make your payment, contact us immediately on (011) 425 1666 during normal office hours. Do not simply let the debit order bounce. If you do, we will immobilize your car and collect it at your cost.. Rather return it to us before this happens.

In terms of your contract, if you fall behind in your payments and cancel your contract with us, you will still be liable for the payments up to and including your notice period (1 calendar month), so that we may sell the car to someone else.

If we have sold the car to someone else during your notice period, we will charge you pro-rata for the time the vehicle wasn’t earning an income.

If you follow all these procedures and your account is in good standing, we will recommend you for credit and you may buy another vehicle from Earn-a-car in the future.

▶ If I default on a payment, can I restore my relationship with Earn-a-car at a later stage?
If you show good faith there is no reason you can’t restore your relationship with Earn-a-car. If you bring your payments up to date, we will help you earn another vehicle, and if this is a similar vehicle to the one you defaulted payment on, we’ll waive the upfront admin fee. Once all your payments are up to date, you will once again be in good standing. It is important to remember that if you fail to make your monthly payments, you will loose your accident and breakdown cover as well as your comprehensive warrantee.

▶ Are there any remote location or collection fees?
Yes. We charge a remote location fee of R2 500 if you live or work more than 300km from this Earn-a-car office. Any vehicle collections we have to do within 300km will be charged at R1 500.

▶ Does Earn-a-car need access to the car?
Yes. If you work in a place that has controlled or restricted parking, we will need a letter from your company giving us permission to access to the vehicle.

▶ How much mileage can I do?
A mileage limit of 3 000km per month applies. If you go over the monthly limit, you will be charged R1 per kilometre, unless you’ve made other arrangements with Earn-a-car.

▶ Toll Fees for SANRAL?
You are responsible for all e-toll fees. In order to ensure you get the benefit of fitting your car with an e-tag, which allows you to earn up to 48% discount on tolling and a R450 monthly cap, you need to purchase your own e-tag and link it to your vehicle’s registration number. You can do this at any SANRAL Customer Care Centre. If you do not get an e-tag, any tolls incurred will be redirected to you, and a R150 administration fee will be charged.

▶ What happens if I get a traffic fine?
All fines, licensing and e-tolls etc. are for your own account. For your own safety, we encourage you to follow the rules of the road at all times. All our vehicles are under constant GPS surveillance and reckless driving will be penalized. Your monthly payments will increase for as long as bad driving continues. Remember, negligent driving has serious consequences. Not only could it affect accident indemnity and warranty claims, it could result in criminal charges.

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If you are experiencing difficulties with our switchboard. Please dial 012 940 0153

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