EC Personal Loan up to R 120 000

EC Personal Loan  up to R 120 000

EC Personal Loan up to R 120 000

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Apply for EC Personal Loan that is unsecured Affordable, Convenient and easy to get in 24 hrs! Up to R 120,000 Available for you. Apply Now!

An EC Personal Loan is a good choice, and our online loan application form is easy to fill in….

Borrowing money online is affordable and convenient,
Relieving you of your money problems, is as easy as an online form. Fill it in and we do the rest.

EC Personal Unsecured Loan

You can get an Unsecured Loan that is Affordable and Convenient.

You may qualify for a personal loan if you are employed and a South African Citizen.

EC Personal Loan

Are you in Need of a Loan in Cash? Apply for EC Personal Loan that is unsecured Affordable, Convenient and easy to get in 24 hrs! Apply Now!

Whether you need lots of cash, or just enough to pay for the things you really need.
You can get a cost effective repayment plan that will give you a little extra financial freedom.

How to get a Personal Cash Loan within 24 hrs of signing the contract?

You can get a Personal cash Loan from R 1000 – R 120 000 right here!

We have a wide range of finance and loan products all on one website, this takes away the need for you to spend hours searching….

Even blacklisted clients can apply for a loan at EC Finance.

If you need a fast Personal Cash Loan, you are on the right website.

You can qualify for a Personal loan ( up to R 120 000 ) if you meet the following criteria;

  • You are a South African citizen
  • you are formally employed
  • You can provide a pay slip
  • You are at least 18 years old

First time lenders may qualify for smaller loan until they qualify for a larger amount.
The internet has made finding financial assistance virtually hassle free.

Getting a loan from a web bank when you have been blacklisted takes just a few easy steps,
and it cuts out the time and money you would have spent on seeking the appropriate bank.

Most people get confused by the word blacklisted. It is only an expression used to describe people who have had a bad credit history.

The word Blacklisted leads people to think that they will not qualify for a financial loan, but this is not necessarily the case.

When a bank does request your credit rating from a credit rating agency, Only your personal information is given to the lender.

When you need to borrow money and have a Bad Credit Record, a Blacklisted Loan will momentarily help you out of a troublesome situation.


Mobile Phone: 087 943 2500
Landline Phone: 021 200 6010
Fax: 086 525 8611

EC Personal Loans, When you need extra cash quickly and easily!

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